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Blog . April 15, 2024

How Do I Know Which StormWise™ License is Right for Me?

Streamline Technologies currently offers two license options for our StormWise™ hydrologic and hydraulic modeling software:

  • StormWise Pro
  • StormWise Expert

But how are you to know which license is right for you and the needs of your firm? Don’t worry - We’re here to help!


About StormWise Pro

StormWise Pro allows users to complete one-dimensional (1D) hydrologic and hydraulic modeling and is appropriate for most applications of water resources and drainage projects, both small-scale (a single land development site) as well as large-scale (watershed study).

With an unlimited number of nodes, links, and basins, StormWise Pro includes the NRCS Curve Number, Green-Ampt, and Vertical Layer rainfall excess methods, along with lumped or distributed approaches for basin hydrologic computations. The Pro license also allows users to run single-event simulations and view results in customizable reports as well as animated profiles.

Data takeoff can be automated using map layers, which may be imported from external sources and files or created and edited in StormWise. StormWise Pro (formerly ICPR4) is accepted nationally by FEMA for NFIP studies.

Typical Applications:

  • Land Development
  • Roadway Drainage
  • Riverine Systems
  • Watershed Modeling
  • Flood Studies
  • No-Rise Certifications


About StormWise Expert:

StormWise Expert includes all of the great features available in StormWise Pro, with the addition of two-dimensional (2D) modeling capabilities, a rain-on-grid approach, continuous simulation, and graphic view animations.

The 2D modeling capabilities include both overland (surface) flow and groundwater flow.  Both the 2D overland and groundwater computational networks are based on irregular flexible triangular meshes. If desired, the 2D overland flow option can be integrated with 1D surface flow components to develop a hybrid 1D/2D model within StormWise. In addition, 2D groundwater can be incorporated into the model to account for surface-water groundwater interaction.

Evapotranspiration and soil moisture tracking can be included as part of the continuous simulation modeling with the StormWise Expert license option. Graphic view animations are available within StormWise Expert to visualize and evaluate 2D results.

Typical Applications:

  • Surface Water-Groundwater Interactions
  • Continuous Simulations
  • Non-Dendritic Systems
  • Wetland Sloughs
  • Water Budget Analysis


Contact Our Team

Both StormWise Pro and StormWise Expert include software installation updates for regular maintenance and new features as they become available. Technical support is also included with either license option. If you would like to hear more about StormWise™, Contact Our Team today to request a demo!

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