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StormWise™ (previously ICPR4) is a hydrologic and hydraulic modeling software that has aided engineering professionals with identifying flood risks and floodplains, modeling flood scenarios, reducing construction costs, better planning and decision-making, and compliant stormwater management.


StormWise™ offers flexible and scalable modeling systems. Models include 1D H&H (hydrologic and hydraulic) and fully integrated 2D surface water and groundwater flow, with an emphasis on interactions between surficial aquifer systems and surface water bodies.

1D Surface Flow

Enhance engineering efficiency with optimized 1D flow analysis and a “Link-Node” model approach. Features include strategic nodes, versatile simulations, expedited construction, and automated tools.

2D Overland Flow

Advanced computations leverage the finite volume method, automated flexible mesh generation, full integration with 1D surface flow, and ensure precise drainage analysis through rain-on-grid techniques.

2D Groundwater

StormWise™ employs the finite element method to accurately compute heads, horizontal flow, seepage, and leakage. Interaction with surface water is facilitated by intersecting computational meshes.


StormWise™ and Regulatory Requirements

Stormwater management teams are tied to strict governmental regulations, out of necessity. With StormWise™, engineering professionals can:

  • Meet compliance requirements
  • Gain a competitive business advantage when bidding on projects with stringent environmental standards
  • Avoid resource constraints, operational restrictions, and project delays

StormWise™ Features

StormWise™ has been improving and adopting modern tools over its lifespan of 40+ years. Some of its features include:

Models from Maps

StormWise™ excels via georeferenced graphics: automated data takeoff from maps including multi-layered thematic map intersections.


Flexible Mesh

StormWise’s 2D computational framework: adaptive mesh, rain-on-grid including infiltration, integrated 1D-2D surface flow, streamlined modeling.

Graphical Elements

Extensive and diverse georeferenced graphical toolset, customizable 2D mesh.

Water Surface Profiles

Animate water profiles on user-defined 1D paths with simulation playback.



StormWise™ offers diverse 2D result animations: flood extents, velocity vectors, manual or timed viewing, and export raster-based results from the animation panel.

Groundwater Results

Diverse groundwater reports and visuals: retention pond storage recovery, riverine interactions, groundwater mounding.


Version Comparison

Streamline Technologies offers different versions of StormWise™ for various stormwater modeling needs.

Current Version: 4.08.03



$1,500 /year

Ready to Purchase
  • Interconnected Ponds
  • Complex Drainage Systems
  • Automated Data Takeoff

StormWise™ Expert


$3,000 /year

Ready to Purchase
  • Integrated 1D & 2D Surface Flow
  • Integrated Surface Water & Groundwater
  • Flood Animations & Flexible Mesh
Compare all features

StormWise Pro

StormWise Expert

1D H&H Modeling

2D Overland Flow Modeling

2D Groundwater Modeling

Unlimited number of nodes, links, and basins

Allows lumped or distributed approach for basin hydrology computations

Allows Curve Number, Green-Ampt, or Vertical Layer rain excess methods

Single event simulation

Continuous simulation including evapotranspiration and soil moisture tracking

Includes all graphical capabilities of StormWise™ including automated data takeoff with map layers

Customizable Reports & Quick Reports

Animated 1D Water Surface Profiles

Graphic View Animation

Includes software updates

Includes expert technical support


Accredited Excellence for Unmatched Value

  • Virginia Tech
  • Florida Gulf Coast University
  • University of South Carolina
  • Ocean Circulation Lab, College of Marine Sciences at the University of South Florida 
  • Embry-Riddle Aeronautical University
  • University of Georgia – Institute for Resilient Infrastructure Systems

StormWise™ Pro (1D version) is accepted by:

  • FEMA nationally for NFIP purposes

StormWise™ Expert (1D/2D version) is accepted by FEMA for: 

  • the State of Florida
  • the City of Lubbock, Texas
  • Georgetown County, South Carolina
  • the City of Lafayette, Indiana
  • the City of Chesterfield, Missouri

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  • “Our office has been using the StormWise software for many years to support our stormwater designs and watershed studies. I love the graphic interface in StormWise that allows for the use of our actual basin limits and grading surfaces. The staff at Streamline has always been very responsive whenever I have questions or issues with one of my stormwater models.”
    Lara Bartholomew, PE, ENV-SP Senior Project Engineer at Ardurra
  • “StormWise is a standard in the industry. It’s become an even more powerful tool, particularly with the addition of groundwater and mapping functionality. It is one of the most intuitive models in terms of ease of use. StormWise is very versatile and can be used by seasoned modelers, those that are new to H&H modeling, and everyone in between.”
    Elizabeth Perez, PE, D.WRE, CRM, President of Collective Water Resources, LLC
  • "StormWise has been an essential tool for supporting more than 35 of the stormwater master plans and watershed management plans that we have worked on in Florida. The integration with GIS and support for 2D surface and groundwater modeling and long-term simulations make StormWise one of our go-to modeling platforms.
    Justin H. Gregory, PE​​​​ Senior Manager / Vice President of Jones Edmunds
Training and Education


Sign up for one of our upcoming workshops for a step-by-step training on theory, use, and practical application of StormWise™ (previously ICPR4). Attendees of our workshops will receive:

  • Personalized instruction
  • Extensive course materials
  • In-depth modeling concepts
  • 12 Continuing Education Credits for Certified Floodplain Managers
  • 21 PDHs for Professional Engineers

Seats are limited, so register now!

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