Solutions that Simplify Complex Stormwater and Flood Management

As the need for an investment in infrastructure resilience grows, government agencies can rely on StormWise™ and FloodWise™ to enable timely planning and improve resiliency.

Software that Helps Government Branches Work More Efficiently and Intelligently Through Informed Decision

Prioritize upgrades, optimize systems, enhance disaster response, and mitigate flooding for resilient communities.

Plan sustainable development, manage water quality, reduce flood risks, and coordinate regional emergency responses.

Standardize reporting, enforce regulations, improve flood forecasting, and enhance disaster response statewide.

Ensure compliance, coordinate federal disaster responses, and provide accurate flood forecasts.

Estimate and determine impact on water levels, optimize plans, reduce flood risks, and respond effectively to flood events.

enhance regulatory adherence

Efficiently design, implement, and demonstrate compliance

With StormWise™ and FloodWise™, branches of the government can ensure compliance.

  • Incorporate stormwater infrastructure data into flood models for more accurate and timely flood forecasting

  • Identify high-risk areas for flooding and pollution using combined modeling insights

  • Ensure compliance with disaster protocols by using flood forecasting to prepare for and manage flood events

  • Analyze various stormwater management strategies and assess their impact on flood risk and water quality

  • Utilize flood forecasting data to make informed stormwater management decisions during rainfall events

  • Educate communities about stormwater management and flood risk reduction efforts, fostering compliance awareness


Achieve better coordination, data sharing, and decision-making. Proactively manage stormwater runoff to mitigate flood risks while improving water quality, public safety, disaster preparedness, and overall environmental health.


StormWise™ (previously ICPR) is a hydrologic and hydraulic modeling engine that has enabled engineers and modelers to improve public safety, identify flood-risk zones, and model the flow of stormwater to reduce damages for over 40 years.

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FloodWise™ (previously Real-Time Flood Forecasting) runs in real-time and forecasts flooding at the street, house, and critical infrastructure level several days in advance, so emergency response teams can save lives and money, allocate resources appropriately, and mitigate flood impacts.

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Sign up for one of our upcoming workshops for a step-by-step training on theory, use, and practical application of StormWise™ (previously ICPR4). Attendees of our workshops will receive:

  • Personalized instruction
  • Extensive course materials
  • In-depth modeling concepts
  • 12 Continuing Education Credits for Certified Floodplain Managers
  • 21 PDHs for Professional Engineers

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Improve Decision-Making, Regulatory Adherence, and Disaster Preparedness

Request a demo today to see how StormWise™ and FloodWise™ can help the government meet regulatory compliance requirements, save lives and money, and improve stormwater and flooding resources.