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Blog . January 25, 2024

Introducing StormWise & FloodWise

New Name. New Logo. Same Innovative Software.


As we celebrate 40 years of stormwater and flood management software solutions, we are excited to announce the rebranding of ICPR4 as StormWise and Real-Time Flood Forecasting (RTFF) as FloodWise!

Providing a unified identity across our offerings, StormWise & FloodWise will remain the same innovative products you’ve come to rely on with a fresh new look.


And That’s Not All

With a brand-new software release, StormWise v4.08.00 (formerly ICPR4) is now better than ever, with a whole new set of updates and features we can’t wait for you to explore!


Here’s What to Expect

New Features & Enhancements:

New Features & Enhancements

  • EPA SWMM Import

  • Optimized Graphic View Processing Times

  • Introduction of Initial Abstraction Ratio (Ia/S) as an Editable Parameter

  • Storage Exclusion Polygons

  • The Return of 'Go To' Basin & "Go To" Link Tools

  • 3D Breakpoints

  • And Much More!


New Reporting Features & Improvements:

New Reporting Features & Improvements

  • Superimpose Scenarios

  • Link Volume Reports

  • Basin & Link Aggregate Reports


New Look and Updated Data Form Controls:

New Look and Updates Data Form Controls

  • New Look - Embedded Graphic View

  • Prominent Graphic View Port Manager

  • Map Layer Raster Color Editor

  • Data Form Tool Bar Updates


For a complete list of new updates and features that are now available, visit Help > Release Notes within StormWise v4.08.00.

Or contact our team, who are eagerly standing by to answer any questions that your team may have!


New Video Release Series

And with the highly anticipated release of StormWise v4.08.00, we are thrilled to announce the kickoff of our New Release Video Series!

This brand-new series was written and produced with you in mind, giving you essential guidance and an overview of some of the incredible enhancements and features now available within StormWise.

  • New Release Video (ep.1): New Look & Data Form Functionality

    • Watch the first episode of our New Release Video Series to learn how to navigate the newly embedded graphic view, a new saved view port area, and learn about the improved data form functionality

  • New Release Video (ep.2): New Report Features & Improvements

    • Watch the second episode of our New Release Video Series as we introduce report improvements. Including super-imposing results from multiple scenarios, link volume reports, new aggregate reports, improved functionality, and more!

  • New Release Video (ep.3): When Will ICPR4 Go Offline?

    • Watch the third episode of our New Release Video Series, where we'll answer many of the frequently asked questions we've received around ICPR4's re-brand as StormWise, such as: will ICPR4 go offline, will my files be converted to StormWise, is StormWise accepted by FEMA, and more!


Thank you for being a part of this exciting new chapter at Streamline Technologies, and say hello to StormWise and FloodWise!




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